Le laboratoire, very closed to Paris, the perfect place for all your tests

A workshop, a studio, two motion control robots, a high speed camera, a 4K video projection, we are happy to welcome you and your client in this place located 50 km far from Paris where we can meet all your pre production needs, tests, or even shoot of low budget projects.


A workshop with compressor, all kinds of power tools, a TIG welding station, a machining partner within 3km, make it possible to realize all the rigs and other special effects necessary to your films.


A shooting place with 2 motion control robots, the MAX of Ciné Motion Lab company and the Sancystudios' one, a Vision Research Phantom Flex camera, D.I.T. and post production stations allow the performance of tests in an extremely short time.

2 robots dans un même studio
Avec le projecteur 4K

A post production room is connected directly with the place of shoot. The 4K display (4096 * 2160 pixels) is seen of a 4 meters diagonal. The completely black room allows an accurate evaluation of the image captured by the camera.

Our laboratory is 165sqm dedicated to the image. A 40m² set allows a place to work for the food, floral stylists. The fiber optic connected end of 2017 will allow streaming for remote shooting if necessary. All premises are under alarm. Private parking and croissants are waiting for you.

Laboratory map